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Check out our AWE Early Literacy Station
The Early Literacy Station™ (ELS) is designed specifically for your youngest patrons ages 2-8 and features over 4,000 localized learning activities. 

Here are some interactive activities available on the library's Early Literacy Station computer!
 -Flash Action Phonics Made Easy
 -Green Eggs & Ham
-Jumpstart Preschool 
-Jumpstart Toddler
-Krazy Art Room
-Math Blasters 5-7
-Millie's Math House
-My Amazing Human Body
-Sammy's Science House
-Sesame Street Steps 
-Sesame Street Learn, Play, & Grow 
-Spongebob Typing  
-USA Explorer

No Storytime Tuesday, Nov. 20.
No Tunebugs Tuesday, Nov. 23
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Storytime with Miss Doni is every Tuesday at 11:00 a.m.

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TunebugsMusic exploration for the little kids. Join us for singing, dancing and making music. Please, check the event calendar on the website for specific dates and meeting times.