Newest Titles
18 May 17
Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy    
241.4 LAM                 Lamott, Anne                                      2017
The Vanishing American Adult: Our Coming-Of-Age Crisis--And How to Rebuild a Culture Of Self-Reliance    
305.24 SAS                 Sasse, Benjamin E.                              2017
Audiobook coming soon!
H.H. Holmes: The True History of the White City Devil    
364.1523 SEL              Selzer, Adam                                       2017
Astrophysics for People in a Hurry    
523.01 TYS                 Tyson, Neil DeGrasse                         2017
Homegrown Pantry: A Gardener's Guide to Selecting the Best Varieties & Planting the Perfect Amounts for What You Eat Year-Round    
635 PLE                      Pleasant, Barbara                                2017
Salt Houses    
FIC ALYAN               Alyan, Hala                                         2017
FIC ASSADI               Assadi, Hannah Lillith                       2017
A Dog's Way Home    
FIC CAMERON         Cameron, W. Bruce                            2017
Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine    
FIC HONEYMAN     Honeyman, Gail                                  2017
The Fallen : A Testament Novel    
FIC LUSTBADER       Lustbader, Eric                                    2017
FIC McMahon            McMahon, Jennifer                             2017
The Thirst       Harry Hole series
FIC NESBO                Nesbø, Jo                                            2017
The Girl Who Knew Too Much    
FIC QUICK                Quick, Amanda                                  2017
Mother Land    
FIC THEROUX          Theroux, Paul                                      2017
The Garden Of Small Beginnings    
FIC WAXMAN          Waxman, Abbi                                    2017
Assassin's Fate            Book III of the Fitz and the Fool Trilogy
SF HOBB                    Hobb, Robin                                       2017
Recent Additions
11 May 17
This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle To Save America's Middle Class    
305.55 WAR               Warren, Elizabeth                                           2017
Adapt: How Humans Are Tapping into Nature's Secrets to Design and Build a Better Future    
620.0042 KHA           Khan, Amina                                                  2017
Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI    
976.6004 GRA                        Grann, David                                       2016
FIC BACKMAN         Backman, Fredrik                                            2017
Into the Water    
FIC HAWKINS          Hawkins, Paula                                              2017
I Found You     
FIC JEWELL               Jewell, Lisa                                                  2017
16th Seduction     Women’s Murder Club series
FIC PATTERSON      Patterson, James                                             2017
Golden Prey    
FIC SANDFORD       Sandford, John                                                2017
Golden Prey     
CD SANDFORD        Sandford, John                                                2017
Robert B. Parker's Little White Lies    
MYS ATKINS                         Atkins, Ace                                         2017
The H-Spot: The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness    
155.3 FIL                     Filipovic, Jill                                                  2017
Tell Me How It Ends: An Essay in Forty Questions    
305.2308 LUI              Luiselli, Valeria                                               2017
Whistleblower at the CIA: A Path of Dissent    
327.1273 GOO           Goodman, Melvin A.                                      2017
Mind Over Meds: Know When Drugs Are Necessary, When Alternatives Are Better—And When To Let Your Body Heal On Its Own    
362.299 WEI               Weil, Andrew                                                  2017
Hot, Hungry Planet: The Fight to Stop a Global Food Crisis In The Face Of Climate Change    
363.8 PAL                   Palmer, Lisa                                                   2017
The New York Times Book of Crime: More Than 166 Years of Covering the Beat    
364 NEW                    Edited By Kevin Flynn                                    2017
Temple Grandin's Guide to Working with Farm Animals: Safe, Humane Livestock Handling Practices for the Small Farm    
636 GRA                     Grandin, Temple                                             2017
She Sheds: A Room of Your Own    
725.372 KOT              Kotite, Erika                                                    2017
Bold Baby Crochet: 30 Modern & Colorful Projects For Baby    
746.434 UYS               Uys, Dedri                                                       2017
The Jersey Brothers: A Missing Naval Officer In The Pacific And His Family's Quest To Bring Him Home    
940.54 FRE                 Freeman, Sally Mott                                        2017
Good Friday on the Rez: A Pine Ridge Odyssey    
978.004 BUN              Bunnell, David                                                  2017
The Fix    
CD BALDACCI         Baldacci, David                                                   2017
The Forever Summer     
FIC BRENNER           Brenner, Jamie                                                   2017
The Broken Road    
FIC EVANS                Evans, Richard Paul                                          2017
White Sand, Blue Sea    
FIC HUGHES                         Hughes, Anita                                         2017
FIC JACKSON           Jackson, Lisa                                                    2017
No Easy Target    
FIC JOHANSEN        Johansen, Iris                                                   2017
The Leavers     
FIC KO                       Ko, Lisa                                                           2017
High Stakes    
FIC MICHAELS         Michaels, Fern                                                   2017
The Most Beautiful Woman in Florence: A Story of Botticelli    
FIC PALOMBO          Palombo, Alyssa                                               2017
The Charm Bracelet    
FIC SHIPMAN           Shipman, Viola                                                  2016
Against All Odds     
FIC STEEL                  Steel, Danielle                                                2017
Anything Is Possible    
FIC STROUT              Strout, Elizabeth                                              2017
The Red Hunter    
FIC UNGER               Unger, Lisa                                                      2017
One Good Thing    
FIC WAX                    Wax, Wendy                                                   2017