Newest Titles
23 Feb 17
Unwarranted: Policing Without Permission    
344.7305 FRI              Friedman, Barry                                  2017
Get Well Soon: History's Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them    
614.4 WRI                   Wright, Jennifer Ashley                      2017
Rescuing Penny Jane:
   One Shelter Volunteer, Countless Dogs, and the Quest to Find Them All Homes    

636.7083 SUT                         Sutherland, Amy                                2017
The Aisles Have Eyes:
   How Retailers Track Your Shopping, Strip Your Privacy, and Define Your Power 
658.8342 TUR                        Turow, Joseph                                                 2017
My Life, My Love, My Legacy    
921 KING                   King, Coretta Scott                             2017
Unpunished   A Gardiner and Renner Thriller 
FIC BLACK                Black, Lisa                                          2017
The Lost Woman     Louise Rick series
FIC BLAEDEL            Blædel, Sara                                        2017
A Divided Spy    
FIC CUMMING         Cumming, Charles                              2017
The Dark Flood Rises    
FIC DRABBLE            Drabble, Margaret                              2017
Gunmetal Gray    
FIC GREANEY           Greaney, Mark                                    2017
We Were the Lucky Ones    
FIC HUNTER                         Hunter, Georgia                                  2017
Seven Minutes In Heaven    
FIC JAMES                 James, Eloisa                                        2017
Heartbreak Hotel       Alex Delaware novel    
FIC KELLERMAN     Kellerman, Jonathan                                       2017
On Turpentine Lane    
FIC LIPMAN              Lipman, Elinor                                    2017
All That's Left To Tell    
FIC LOWE                  Lowe, Daniel                                       2017
The Impossible Fortress
FIC REKULAK           Rekulak, Jason                                                 2017
The Chilbury Ladies' Choir
FIC RYAN                  Ryan, Jennifer                                     2017
The Last Night at Tremore Beach
FIC SANTIAGO         Santiago, Mikel                                   2017
The Night Bird    
MYS FREEMAN        Freeman, Brian                                    2017
Racing the Devil       Inspector Ian Rutledge Mysteries #19
MYS TODD                Todd, Charles                                     2017
Gilded Cage    
SF JAMES                   James, Vic                                            2017
Robert B. Parker's Revelation     Cole and Hitch #5
WEST KNOTT           Knott, Robert                                      2017
Recent Additions
16 Feb 17
Rush of Blood    
FIC BILLINGHAM                Billingham, Mark                                            2017
The Possessions     
FIC FLANNERY                    Murphy, Sara Flannery                                  2017
The Dressmaker's Dowry    
FIC JAEGER                           Jaeger, Meredith                                              2017
FIC JIO                                    Jio, Sarah                                                         2017
My Not So Perfect Life     
FIC KINSELLA                      Kinsella, Sophie                                               2017
FIC LEE                                  Lee, Min Jin                                                     2017
The Bertie Project: A 44 Scotland Street Novel    
FIC MCCALL- SMITH          McCall Smith, Alexander                               2016
A Book of American Martyrs    
FIC OATES                             Oates, Joyce Carol                                           2017
The White City    
FIC RAMQVIST                     Ramqvist, Karolina                                         2017
FIC SMITH                             Smith, Ali                                                        2017
What You Break     Gus Murphy #2
MYS COLEMAN                   Coleman, Reed Farrel                                                2017
Garden Of Lamentations    
MYS CROMBIE                      Crombie, Deborah                                          2017
MYS JONASSON                  Jónasson, Ragnar                                            2017
All Our Wrong Todays     
SF MASTAI                            Mastai, Elan                                                    2017