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The All-Day Energy Diet - by Yuri Elkaim
Is It Really Possible to Feel 10 Years Younger, Have the Energy of a Child, and Get More Done . . . Without Giving Up Your Life or Depriving Yourself of Delicious Food?
The answer inside this book might shock you.
     Are you tired of watching your life pass you by?
     Is a lack of energy holding you back from playing with your kids (or grandkids), being productive at work, going after what you really want, and feeling truly happy?
     If so, then this book could save your life.
     Iím Yuri Elkaim, and Iíve been in your shoes. I know what itís like to sleep ten hours a night and still feel drained upon waking . . . to fall asleep after lunch and have little energy at the end of the
day . . . to go through life like a zombie.
     Now, Iíve got three young kids, two dogs, a super-busy life, and a compelling mission to help ten million people to amazing health and vitality by 2018. I need all the energy I can get!
     I havenít always been this energetic and full of life, but the All-Day Energy Diet saved me. I created it because I know it can save you, too.
     This book helps busy, health-seeking individuals enjoy more energy, vibrant health, and easier weight loss by fine-tuning seven foundational (yet commonly overlooked) pillars of energy and vitality.
     Implement any one (or all) of the strategies laid out in these pages and youíll see and feel your body spring back to life. You might even notice a few more hours in your day!