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Hardcover Fiction

Against All Odds - by Danielle Steel
Taking chances is part of life, but when you bet your future against the odds, itís a high-risk game. Kate Madisonís stylish resale shop has been a big SoHo success, supporting her and her four kids since her husbandís untimely death. Now they are grown and ready to forge lives of their own. And they all choose to play against the odds, to their motherís dismay.

Isabelle, a dedicated attorney, is in line to make partner at her Wall Street firm when she falls for a client she represents in a criminal case. She tells herself she can make a life with himóbut can she? Julie, a young designer, meets a man who seems too good to be true and falls under his spell. She marries him quickly, gives up her job, and moves to Los Angeles to be at his sideóbut is all what it seems? Justin is a struggling writer who pushes for children with his partner before theyíre financially or emotionally ready. Will the strain on the relationship take too high a toll? And Willie, the youngest, a tech expert, makes a choice that shocks them all, with a woman twelve years older.

Kateóloving, supportive, and outspokenócanít keep her children from playing against the odds. Can the odds be beaten? Not oftenóas her children have to learn for themselves. For Kate, the hardest lesson will be that she canít protect the children she loves from the choices they makeóbut can only love them as they make them.