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Hardcover NonFiction

Running Against the Devil - by Rick Wilson
Donald Trump is exactly the disaster we feared for America. Hated by a majority of Americans, Trumpís administration is rocked by daily scandals, and heís embarrassed us at home and abroad.

Trump†canít†win in 2020, right?†

Wrong. As 2016 proved, Trump canít†win,†but the Democrats can sure as†hell†lose. Only one thing can save Trump, and thatís a Democratic candidate who runs the race†Trump†wants them to run instead of the campaign they†must†run to win in 2020.

Wilson combines decades of national political experience and insight in his take-no-prisoners analysis, hammering Trumpís destructive and dangerous first term in a case-by-case takedown of the worst president in history and describing the terrifying prospect of four more years of Trump.†

Like no one else can, Wilson blows the lid off Trumpís 2020 Republican war machine, showing the exact strategies and tactics theyíll use against the Democratic nominee . . . and how the Democrats can avoid the catastrophe waiting for them if they fall into Trumpís trap.

RunningAgainst the Devil†is sharply funny, brutally honest,andinfused with his biting commentary. Itís a vital indictment of Trump, a no-nonsense, no-holds-barred road map to saving America, and†the†guide to making Donald Trump a one-term president.†

The stakes are too high to do anything less.