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Relationship Goals - by Michael Todd
Realer than the most real conversation youíve ever heard on the topic, Michael Toddís honest, heartfelt, and powerful teaching on relationships has already impacted millions of people in all seasons of life around the world. Now, in†Relationship Goals,†Michael tells his own story of heartache and healing, unpacks explosive truths from Godís Word, and tells it to you straight to help you win at relationships in every part of your life.

Where did the idea for relationships come from in the first place? Does God really care who I hang out with? Is it even possible to avoid relational train wrecks?†From his plan for intentional dating to handling break-ups well to†doing†family instead of just being†in†a family, Michael tackles the questions we all have about relational success.

As he candidly examines our most common pitfalls in relationships and the start-today ways to get past them, Michael helps you align your longings with Godís awesome desires for your life. Now, thatís a good relationship goal.