Want to work at SHML?

If you are interested in working at the library, simply fill out a job application by visiting our library during library hours or downloading an employment application here.

Please fill out completely and return to the library or mail applications to:

South Haven Memorial Library
314 Broadway Street
South Haven, MI 49090

Email application to: shml@shmlibrary.org
Fax to: 269-639-1685

NOTE: As of November 2021, we are taking applications and will be hiring in the near future.

Volunteer at SHML!
At South Haven Memorial Library, we are always thankful for our volunteers and the work they do to help our library thrive.
As a volunteer you could help with:
Collection Management
  • Shelving Books
  • Cleaning Books
  • Weeding Books
  • Reading Shelves
Program Planning
  • Offer creative ideas for new events
  • Join a committee to help plan events
  • Provide craft materials
  • Prepare craft components
Provide Skill or Knowledge
  • Performing
  • Host or teach a class  Ex: scrapbooking, computers, financial advising, cake decorating, coupon clipping
  • Develop a display
  • Design a bulletin board
Any other ideas to enrich our library? Contact us at 269-637-2403, email us shml@shmlibrary.org, or stop by during library hours!

Download our Library Volunteer Application
here. Fill out volunteer applicaton and return to the library by visiting us, email, fax to 269-639-1685 or mail to:

South Haven Memorial Library
314 Broadway Street

South Haven, MI 49090

Library Wish List
These are some goals for our library. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!
  • Laminator
  • Die cut machine
  • New desktop computers for patrons
  • Additional desktop computers for the children's area
  • Spare keyboards and mice (USB plugs)
  • Headphones
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Additional workstations for patrons
  • More, current DVDs: We will accept DVD donations as well as monetary donations to purchase DVDs.
  • Flat screen monitor and computer for announcements and programs
  • Laptop computers
  • An outdoor digital marquee to advertise our programs
  • Desktop computers to serve as reference access for databases
  • Online World Book Public Library Edition
  • New rocking chair for children's area
Also, contact us about donating a subscription to your favorite periodical(s)!

South Haven Memorial Library Endowment Fund
A contribution to our Endowment Fund assists your local library. It's also a tax write-off for you!!

South Haven Memorial Library Endowment Fund